Since 1988, Current Works has been developing and manufacturing computer peripheral devices for a variety of educational applications. Students around the world from regular K-12 classrooms, to Special Education programs, to corporate training programs and even senior citizens in nursing homes use these alternative computer input devices to run their computers without ever touching the mouse or keyboard.In 1998 Current Works began developing a new line of computer products to support the instructor-led classroom learning environment.

These products are designed to engage the whole class in learning activities on a single computer in the classroom. The core hardware product in this line is SideKeys®, a patented system of multiple wireless radio-frequency keypads to a single computer. These keypads allow the instructor and several students or teams in the classroom to send direct input to the same computer. Several teams or individuals (up to 60 keypads) can simultaneously buzz-in to answer questions from game show style software like our Quiz6 or AllPlay programs. The instructor can use a SideKeys keypad as a familiar remote-control to run not only these game activities but also applications like PowerPoint or a DVD Player. These educational software programs allow the instructor to create and play custom multiple-choice quizzes.

Such activities provide a challenging and fun way to review the specific content being taught.Current Works' mission is to develop education and training tools that create and support active participation in the learning process. These computer tools, both the hardware and the software, are designed to maximize the direct engagement of people in the learning activity. For instance, while most game show quiz programs allow one team at a time to answer each question, most of our software programs, with these remote keypads, can support all players simultaneously buzzing-in to answer every question. This changes the dynamics of the experience and greatly increases the level of participation possible.

Participants and the instructor get more complete and timely feedback on the results of the lesson.SideKeys was first introduced as a set of 7-Wireless Keypads with the Quiz6 software program in 1999. Since that time, we now offer a new USB version of the Keypads, compatible with over 6 different software programs, and accommodating up to 61-keypads at a time.More software programs are being developed every day to take advantage of this SideKeys wireless technology. Be sure to check back to this website to keep up with the new product being offered.
Computer-Based Participation Tools with Wireless Keypads and Participation Software
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